The Association for Supporting Rural Development - ASDR

Our goal is to conceive, promote and implement means of supporting the development of rural communities by determining individuals living in rural areas, or connected to rural areas, to actively participate in our association’s actions.
We are actively involved in sustainable development of Romanian rural areas, including the assessment and study of potential intermittent renewable energy localization and deployment, with a view to promote decarbonization and more environmentally-friendly management of energy supply.

News / Events

Our projects
ASDR furnizor autorizat de cursuri de formare si servicii de ocupare:
  • Curs de calificare profesionala  BUCATAR, nivel 2
  • Curs de initiere – Competente antreprenoriale
  • ASDR furnizor acreditat pentru servicii de informare, consiliere profesionala si mediere a muncii pe piata interna.